Expert Strategy for Scaling Your Business

Taking the guesswork out of growing your team and income

Has your business growth stalled because YOU can't take anything else?

Does your business feel like constant chaos because you’re doing all the things, and you never have enough time to get through everything?

Are things slipping through the cracks or only getting half done because there are so many things on your plate?

Do you simply not have the bandwidth to do more… and yet you have so many ideas that you never have time to actually do? 

Is constantly being pulled in so many different directions starting to affect your wellbeing and time with your family? 

Then it's time to start building a team for your business!

But hiring someone Can Be scary!

You’ve heard the horror stories from other business owners… and you really aren’t sure you’re ready for the stress of being a manager ON TOP of everything else in your life. 

You don’t know where to begin with hiring help. 

You don’t have the time to spend interviewing lots of different unqualified candidates. 

And most of all, you aren’t sure you  trust anyone to do the work as well as you do.

The good news is you don’t have to hire your team alone! I’m here to take the guesswork and stress out of your hiring experience.

Hi, I'm Karla, your team-building guide

For over 15 years, I’ve been helping businesses with their operations management. 

That means I’ve spent A LOT of time helping teams hire and train new employees, while also teaching teams how to communicate better.

But my operations management experience isn’t just for big corporations. 

It’s also for entrepreneurs and online business owners like you – women who are on the path to burnout because they NEED help but don’t know how to find the right person or even what they need help with!

I’m on a mission to help women stop the chaos in their businesses by teaching them how to build strong teams and systems that will provide the support they need to grow and scale.

It's time to take back your time

Every business is unique, so we’ll start by examining how YOU would like to work.  

I’ll show you how to hire great help, so you can bring on team members that fit your business’s unique needs.

Then I’ll create a seamless process that makes it possible for team members to take work off your plate immediately.

Your new team members will be able to hit the ground running, making life easier for you in a matter of hours, not several days or weeks. 

You will have several hours of your life back each week, knowing that work is being done as you requested, because your team members know exactly what they need to do. 

You will finally have more time to focus on growing your business, as well as more time to spend with your family.

What people say?

My web design business has been growing leaps and bounds, but I was starting to feel like it was taking over my life! I was able to do an intensive session with Karla last week and it was SOO SOO worth every penny.

Within just a couple hours, she helped me get the tools and plan I need to get my life and business back under control, without losing clients or sacrificing family time.

If you're at the point of wanting to scream with overwhelm (or you just don't want to get there!), DEFINITELY talk to Karla! She's is simply amazing!
Dara Simons
Web Designer

Ready to take the guesswork out of scaling your business?

Let’s talk about how you can hire the PERFECT team for you, and have a smooth transition that will let you focus on GROWING your business again!

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